Lift-Slide Systems


Vista Pointe lift-slide doors glide effortlessly from either the middle or one side to present a sweeping, broad panorama. The unique Lift-Slide mechanism allows you to raise and lower each panel by moving its handle through a 180° arc. When raised, the panel rolls effortlessly. When lowered, the panel parks securely in place and engages the weather stripping for outstanding weather resistance.

We offer a standard a flush sill that “disappears” into the surrounding floor or a WeatherTrak™ sill for wet weather environments. Vista Pointe uses Stainless Steel lift-slide rollers as a standard

Open a wall from 3 feet to 25 feet or more and from 6 feet 8 inches to 10 feet high. We can help you achieve the look and access you want with a single panel pocket door to an 8-panel systems. We even offer a 90° corner system with or without a structural column at the corner.

Options: (consult your authorized dealer for more details)
Screens:Screens are available for Lift & Slide systems in four options; Pleated, Roll-away, extruded aluminum screen frames and un-glazed door panels.
Motorization: Lift & Slide systems can be motorized to automatically open and close at the touch of a button or with a remote.

Door Panels Guidelines:
Maximum panel width = 49″
Maximum panel height = 119″
Maximum panel sq. ft. = 40
2-1/4″ French panel only- 4-11/16″ stiles and top rail. 8″ or 12″ bottom rail
Average panel weight = 200lbs.


Lift-Slide Hardware