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Process Questions

1As a homeowner, can I buy a system directly?
No. We only sell through certified dealer networks. We do not sell directly to homeowners or builders. Click here to find a dealer in your area.
2Where are your systems made?
Our systems are proudly made in the U.S.A. Our panels are shipped from the Midwestern states of Iowa & Wisconsin. We fabricate the system in Gilbert, Arizona.
3How do I get a price and how long does it take to get a quote?
The process is simple. Sign in to your dealer account to access our quote forms. Complete the form in Excel or PDF and email to us. Most of the time we will email you a quote within 1-2 business days.
4What is the payment process?
A 50% deposit is required prior to procuring materials. A 40% installment payment is required prior to shipping/pickup of the system. The final 10%+ shipping is due after the shipment arrives at your location.
5Is it better for me as a dealer to buy panels myself and deliver to you to create a system?
I need an answer...
6How long does it take for my system to ship once I approve shop drawings?
Lead times vary from our panel manufacturers based on panel sizes, wood species and specialty glass options selected. We typically ship between 2-4 weeks from receipt of panels for single systems. We communicate on every quote what an anticipated lead time would be from receipt of panels.
7How does shipping work and what does it cost?
To keep costs down, Vista Pointe uses multiple competitive LTL (limited truck load) carriers to deliver our systems. Due to volatility in the shipping market, most of our quotes do not include shipping up front. We will provide estimates; however final shipping costs vary depending on many factors out of our control.

Design Questions

1What are the differences between the Designer Series Multi-Slide and the Builder Series Multi-Slide?
For Builder Series Announcements which offer a list of the differences between our products, download the file below:

2Which systems are best for severe weather conditions?
All our systems do well in harsh weather environments as long as the correct sill is used. The best solution for cold weather environments is a bi-folding door system with a Stepped Sill.
3Is a flush track sill waterproof?
Flushtrak is not weatherproof and should only be used in well protected or interior installations. No weather performance is guaranteed or implied.
4Where is each system structurally supported?
Bifold doors are supported from the top, where all other systems are supported on the bottom.
5How do I know if my structure is adequate?
For a list of structural considerations by type of system, please download the file below:

6How does a multi-slide door lock?
The standard method of locking our MS’s is with a flush bolt on the back edge of the lead panel. It is typically located at 72” from the bottom of the door ensuring it is above all jurisdictions pool code height. If a lock near the handle is desired, we can price alternate locking systems including thumb turn locks and integral handle/locks with or without exterior key cylinders.
7Do your systems provide good energy performance?
Yes. However, since we receive ‘panel only’ from our manufacturers, there are no rating stickers on the panels (even though they are the same exact panels as our manufacturers use in their sliding or swing door units). The panels are unmodified in any way that would affect energy performance.
8What are the size restrictions?
There are a few major things that restrict the size of our systems. First is the size of the panels that our manufacturer will make (this varies by manufacturer for the width, but all of our wood clad door systems are currently limited to 10’ tall). Second is the structural integrity of the wall supporting the opening for our systems. Essentially, we can go as wide as you’d like as long as the structure can support it. Lastly, for bi-folds only, we are limited to 42” panel width by our hardware suppliers and can only have 8 panels folding in either direction due to the weight of the system. Note that there are other limiting factors such as panel type and construction when looking for narrow stiles/rails or varying panel thicknesses.
9There are no manual locks on my automated MS, how does it lock?
Our automation system has a magnetic brake that engages every time the doors are in the closed position. There is also battery backup to keep the system secure in the event of a power failure.

Installation & Service Questions

1How do you ensure the system will work correctly in my rough opening?
Every Vista Pointe system is fabricated using a unique set of shop drawings approved by you prior to starting fabrication. Each system is also completely assembled and pre-tested in our facility prior to shipment to our customers. This ensures proper operation and greatly eases the burden on the installer.
2Can I add a screen to my system that is already installed?
Yes. However it is best to plan for screens during the shop drawing process to avoid limiting selection of screening options or causing unneeded rework to adjacent walls/floors/etc. Click here to check out our screen options.
3Who do I call for job site service?
Your first call should be to contact the dealer you purchased your Vista Pointe system from if a job site visit is needed. Typically a job site visit is only needed for installation issues and it is best for the original installer to address those type of issues. We are available to teleconference and help find solutions from our office, but do not have field service technicians to come to you.
4Is there anything special about installing these systems as opposed to typical windows and doors?
A professional window & door installer is recommended. Although it isn’t much different than a typical installation, we do provide very detailed installation instructions in the crates when we ship each system. It is imperative that the installation instructions are read, understood and followed to ensure your system functions properly.
5Can I install screens on either the outside or inside of my door?
Yes. Depending on configuration and screen type, screen solutions can be applied on either side of the door. There are some limitations. For instance, aluminum sliding screens on a pocketing multi-slide must be to the interior of the system.
6How does an automation system work?
The system moves the panels with a belt and pulley system located in the head track.
7Can anyone install the automation system?
No. Installers need to be certified with Summit Automation or the warranty is void.


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Service Request

If this is a service request, please help us expedite a quick and accurate assessment by providing as much of the following as possible upfront:
  • Original Job # (should be on the shop drawings)
  • Original Job Name
  • Written description of the issue
  • Pictures and/or short video of the issue. Please include a wide view of the entire system with surrounding conditions shown as well as the close up detail pictures.